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Friday, September 16, 2005

Almost as strange as fiction

My design is to have Fridays be a weird news day. I'll post a wacky link afterwards. However I discover University of Wisconsin's Alexander Dolinin is positing a theory that the 1948 abduction of Florence Sally Homer was Nabokov's inspiration for Lolita.,,2087-1774602,00.html Dolinin doesn't appear to address the question as to why, if true, Nabokov never mentioned it. In fact Nabokov discusses his inspirations, developing an earlier story that haunted him and finding inspiration from an ape who when taught to draw, sketched the bars of his cage. For a terrific 1964 Playboy interview with Nabokov go here: In it Nabokov says, Lolita was his most difficult book to write because he didn't know America. He says he had to invent both America and Lolita, and to learn local content in order to inject an average reality into his works. As I say, always trust the artist, not the critic. And if you want to debate who is least truthful, professors, critics, or writers, well we can do that over a beer.

Ok if the above wasn't werid enough try this. Do you really want to win those carney games? Are cheap stuffed animals your end-all? Do you care? If so, here are some tips. First in line, carry a pocket stone to sharpen the dart that you then launch so it angles down vertically popping a slew of balloons.