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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Scott M. Peck, dead at 69

Scott Peck died, author of The Road Less Traveled, 6 million copies, 258 appearances on the NY Times bestseller list -- the book not the author. Don't worry all you recovering addicts and alkies, the books are still readily available in used bookstores for 50 cents. Personally I found the thing unreadable.

I was reading The First Garden by Anne Hebert --such swaths of exposure. Example: "A thousand days had passed, and a thousand nights, and there was forrest, another thousand days and thousand nights, and there was still the forrest, great sweeps of poine and oak hurtling down the headland to the river, and the mountain was behind, low and squat, one of the oldest on the globe, and it was covered with trees as well."