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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sloppiness x 30 or more

Back to Irving's Until I find You. The New York Times gave it an F (see site) How the Toronto Globe and Mail could possibley say it's his finest book is absurdity. I doubt the reviewer cracked the cover. When will Canadian newspapers and publishers stop genuflecting to whatever comes from the States and start really supporting Canadian writers?

At one point, Jack, the main character, heads to the funeral of his mother. In front of the church are her biker friends' motorcycles. Irving writes there were too many to count, but probably about 30. Then he goes on to name each member and where they rode from, and how so and so met up with the group from such and such. If you count them up there are already more than thirty by far. He is just so sloppy, so uncaring, so descriptive in the wrong places -- I'm really beginning to hate this book. Mr. Irving just where was your editor? The publishing house editor? Any editor? Freelancers please apply.