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Monday, October 23, 2006

Worser and Worserer

It's getting bad.
On the Greg something or rather show I flipped to this morning after waking up one guy said something like:

"In a relationship you have to be compatible and see eye to eye because when you see eye to eye, uh, you are compatible." Great circular logic, buddy. Good job.

I'm amazed how often I see this type of reasoning.

I just came across this on the JWA Financial Group, Inc. website out of Dallas Texas. (I have no idea who they are because I was searching for articles on dictating cultural taste.) The funny bit is bold:

"Over the next decade, the tulip became a popular but expensive item in Dutch gardens. These flowers were stricken with a non-fatal virus known as mosaic. The virus caused the tulip petals to develop colored stripes which led to wild speculation in tulip bulbs. Popular taste dictated that the more bazaar the bulb, the greater the cost."

Makes you want to run right down and invest, right?