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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Death Race

Yeah, believe it or not I went. I chose to go. Temporary Insanity? Well, I like the cultish Death Race 2000 where Carradine plays Frankenstein. Sadly, everything that old movie had is lost in this one.

Review: It sucked. It really sucked. Negative Starts, no plot, that was expected, no acting, that was expected. It even sucked at what it should be able to do, which is sustain action.

What in 1975 was a race across country with lots of satire and some nudity has been dumbed down to a rated 14 video game. The racers are now in prison under the watchful eyes of the formulaic Miss Prissy Ice in Pants Suit (Maybe playing Hillary Clinton which just might cause rednecks to develop excema.) They now race a short track. No points, no fun, no humor. Everone a racial, gender, sexual inclination, age appropriate stereotype. The whole movie is taken way to seriously for anyone to have fun. Hey stupids, it's not reality or a future dystopia, it's supposed to be pure absurdist entertainment -- how could you have missed that?

Please suggest a new word for the sort of movies like LOTR or The 300 or this one where most of the movie is 5 cuts per second, bad filming, wobbling camera, non-stop booming dolby, mostly post production animation. A.D.D. Movimation?

Hey! I nearly got sick on that oversalted popcorn so it wasn't a total waste of an evening. Afterward I found the journey prize winning short stories to soothe the pain -- now half way through.