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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sundre is moving forward

Yep, slow but steady, the galleys on their way to me soon, evidently. I am chomping at the bit to to see just what the layout and design will be. I've heard some real attention went into the book to make it something special.

The most I've seen has been the cover. And I was recently directed to an example of the font, but probably that's a secret at this point so I won't link to it now but I can say this, it's something new.

Other books to get me through this waiting period that I'm poking around in and may address sooner or later:
Barry Hannah Geronimo Rex
Anne Carson Decreation
Robert Haas Now & Then
The collected poems of Wallace Stevens

As John Metcalf said, novelists should read poetry. I tend to do that too. Further, when writing long works I tend to read short works, and vice versa.