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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Discovery is a tough pill

You know when you suddenly come upon something and you hit your head and say, where the frick was I? Yep, this has happened. I might have found this earlier had I really paid attention to the author list at the back of my Schlovsky book. So I was in Lethbridge recently visiting the U of L art department and watching a presentation by artist Laurel Smith on her Ornaminimalism work. And afterward I spent some time in the library where I discovered The Review of Contemporary Fiction. What a great little journal this is, tri quarterly and focused on writers whose works resist convention and easy categorization. I now have a whole new list of names to look up. Sometimes too you know you're on to something when your research loops back around to a book you really like, in this case it's Biting the Error, a book of narrative explorations in multiple essays published by Coach House Books. And the other side to this is the Review is published by the Dalkey Archives, University of Illinois, which put out the Schlovsky. So this is a short post of some brilliant little things, art and writing. Oh yes, I did really hit my head, walked into a fricken door jam in the middle of two doors as I was oogling at the brutalist architecture. Now I strut my stuff with a lump and a cut.