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Friday, May 15, 2009

Pages Reading (W)rap-up

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who showed up for the reading. What a pleasure it was to see lots of friends and colleagues, both from ACAD and the literary world. I hope everyone enjoyed hearing a portion of the book. When I read that last line it was like the end of a symphony where a palpable note hung in the air.

I'd gone back and forth on what part to read and as I gauged the reaction of you I knew I made a decent choice. I'm truly beholden many people; in particular I can't wait to give the people at Vehicule Press props in person, which will probably happen in the fall.

Later today is the reading in Sundre (the town). It's their 100th birthday this year, which I didn't know when I began this project at least two years ago. It looks like a beautiful day and it should be fun.