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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Véhicule Press is pleased to invite you to the launch of

by Christopher Willard

Wednesday, May 13, 7:30 pm

Pages Kensington, Calgary

Friday, May 15, at 3:00 pm

1135 Kensington Road NW, Calgary

Sundre Museum
211 - 1st. Ave. SW,Sundre

An unsettling secret joins husband and wife as they sift through layers of recollection in a quest to find comfort, philosophical acceptance, and ultimately forgiveness.

Set on a family farm in Sundre, Alberta during the late 1960s, at a time of transition when farming was shifting away from tradition, Sundre is a haunting meditation on the limits of love and mercy, on the natural and the unnatural.

Told in a tone that is as dignified as it is unsettling, Sundre builds to a foreboding and fundamental revelation in a mood reminiscent of Sam Shepard’s best drama. Sundre is an homage to a way of life bygone and to lasting hard-earned truths.

Praise for Sundre:

“An affectionate elegy for a gone time, laced with strands of old-fashioned prairie wisdom in the face of life's sad turns.” –Robert Coover

“Christopher Willard writes with a razor blade, cutting language to the quick. His sharp-edged minimalist style strips this farm family saga to its bare essentials turning Prairie Gothic into Prairie Post-postmodern.” –Dave Margoshes

"Christopher Willard's Sundre is an elegaic tone poem full of humour and longing, a paean to family lore and the enduring power of storytelling." --Adam Sol

Christopher Willard is a writer and visual artist. His art appears in collections worldwide, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His novel, Garbage Head, was published by Esplanade Books in 2005. He lives in Calgary.

Sundre is in the Esplanade Books fiction imprint of Véhicule Press.

For more information contact:
Maya Assouad, Marketing Manager, Véhicule Press, (514) 844-6073