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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh,ooo say can you read?

If so, and you want that just so terrific book of short stories, The Granta Book of American Short Story is just that book. No I don't still think it's 1992. There have been attempts at putting together anthologies since, of various success. What makes this book so good is the careful selection by Richard Ford. Certainly I share his full-of-words vision, at least when I'm not heading toward literary Minimalism. Read Mary Robison and then Barry Hannah to get the blood pumping. We need reprinted volumes of their short stories.

What really caught my eye tonight was a slick little forward in Existere by Delan Hamasoor (vol.29,1). Delan says that the novel has become, in today's society, a novelty. The Editor goes on to say that a poem online does not have the substantiality it does on the page. Poems "demand separation from the clangourous [sic] din of pop culture." Hear, hear.