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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Selling the Self

Great readings by the Dickman twins(?) on Silliman's website today with an introduction by Kevin Young that one can watch here:
Thanks Emory University for allowing the Post.

But on to the most recent novel to cross my desk: Important Artifacts and Personal Property (etc, etc -- read title above) by Leanne Sharpton. It's a novel designed as an auction catalogue that I'd seen before but had sort of dismissed as actually being an auction catalogue. We unearth the two characters via their objects, and particularly funny is the reading, Queneau, Empson, Robbe-Grillet. If you don't know them, I urge you to pick them up for that beach read -- plots move at light speed. Where is ambiguity in the age of documentation? Great job Leanne!!

Noticed: The Preparation of the Novel, lecture notes by Barthes.