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Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Future is Past

For all my fellow countrypeople, Happy Thanksgiving. It's meaningless up here for most people, but I remain connected to the un-military holidays.

An article in the paper yesterday says, "...a mentally ill man who fatally shot a police officer in 20004..."

I'm reading a book on style by Ben Yogada -- he's mainly a non-fiction writer, terrific thinker. Central to his argument are two points:
1.) Post-structuralism is over and we can once again talk about art rather than who they are in what society under what authority. For the most part, these viewpoints left the "text" to rot in the gutter. (And yes I know there are great contributions to art via the post-structuralist approach.)
2.) Dialogue can once more focus on the how of writing. Yagoda makes a valid point that every literary (and I would say visual) subject has been engaged -- therefore it's not what you write about it's how you write it. He says great writers read for style, the civilians read for story. Again I wholeheartedly agree. I bet he's a great teacher.